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10 Summer Vacation Must-Haves to Pack

Written by OYE Own Your Elegance


Posted on January 03 2022

Whether you plan a vacation close to home, explore the outdoors or travel abroad, packing your bags will be the first order of business. 

And packing strategically means less stress and more fun while you're away. From desert air to salty shores and every travel destination in between, having these110 summer vacation must-haves on hand will put the easy living in your

1. Wardrobe

2. Sunglasses & Hats

Wide-brimmed, floppy, baseball — whatever your style, pack a hat in your carry-on bag so it doesn't get crushed. Better yet, wear it during your journey, and don't forget your shades. You'll need them while you're lounging poolside.

3. Bathing Suit — Or two & Cover-up



4. Zinc-Based Sunscreen

No matter where you're headed, protecting your skin is wise.

5. Dry Shampoo

Skip your daily wash and blow-dry, even if you've been at the beach or pool, by packing some dry shampoo to give your mane a clean boost until you get the chance to hit the shower again.

6. Beach Tote

Tote Bags

7. Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

Even if you're travelling without kids in tow, wet wipes are great to have on hand. Wiping down dirty tables at the beach, spills, and sticky fingers are all jobs for wipes. If you aren't near a place to wash your hands, pocket hand sanitizer can also come to the rescue.

8. Phone Charger

9. Camera/Waterproof phone case

6. Hydrating Mist & Reusable Water Bottle 

Taking a vacation is all about feeling refreshed. Why not take that literally? Outside in the sunshine or salty sea air can dry you out all that time. Pack a reusable bottle in your carry-on to stay hydrated on the go. Bring it to the beach, on hikes or to your favourite theme parks.





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