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Our Story


Sally is the founder of Own Your Elegance (OYE), one of the fastest-growing online retailers in Ontario, Canada, that brings women assorted elegant apparel and accessories. OYE focuses on bringing fashion, elegance, positivity, and community to their customers, inspiring women to achieve their best confidence.

Sally is a successful entrepreneur who started doing her business from home. Her advocacy for empowering women and positive thinking in life brought her to where she is now. She had set her goals and priorities from the start that eventually upscaled the operation of her business and now has multiple warehouse locations. She appeared on the Marilyn Denis Show, which allowed her to promote products to a broader set of audience.

Sally is the embodiment of women's empowerment, proving that a female entrepreneur can also be part not only of Canadian E-commerce but also the online fashion business around the US. For her, being a successful businesswoman means that Own Your Elegance is making a difference in someone's life.

Her work is all about good quality and personal shopping experience, and she believes that implementing your mission statement is the key to being a successful businesswoman. No matter what industry you are in or how big or successful your business is, if you have confidence in your ability to lead your team and adhere to your company's objectives, you will succeed.


Since OYE’s launch, it has extended its collection to offer affordable wardrobe pieces such as dresses, tops, sweaters, loungewear, and accessories. With a design-centric approach, it offers timeless, exquisite, and refined styles of top-quality products to celebrate life. Its elegance and customer-led approach bring a stylish and pleasant perspective to E-commerce platform.


We welcome you to the OYE community.